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Welcome ClickBank affiliates! I appreciate your interest in considering promoting my ebook and I hope I can provide some materials here that will make this easier.

Please keep in mind that this is my first ClickBank product. If there is something I can do to make it easier for you to promote my ebook, please let me know via the contact link below. If you use the contact link please identify yourself as an affiliate.


If you are a ClickBank affiliate promoting products that basically fall within the “dating advice” niche, you have surely encountered the sub-niche of foreign dating, and probably Russian/Ukrainian dating.

But if I were a betting man I’d bet you haven’t seen anything comparable to what I write in “Live in Ukraine!”. I know because I haven’t seen anything like it, and I’ve been an avid participant in this niche for a long time, both dating advice in general, then applied to foreign pursuits.

Some info products are better than others, but they all suffer from a usually-fatal flaw: They ALL approach the pursuit of foreign women VIA LONG DISTANCE.

Yes, most of their advice involves traveling to meet women, but usually with the understanding that it would only ever be a 10-day trip at a time.

It’s just a HORRIBLE approach if a man’s primary aim is to actually find a girl with whom to start and build a real relationship. It works sometimes, but even when it does work, it takes LOTS OF MONEY, MANY YEARS, and MANY TRIPS.

The approach I advocate in “Live in Ukraine!” should be fairly evident from the title 🙂 What if a man could JUST LIVE THERE, or at least make very long visits (months at a time) during which he actually plugs into the culture?

But most guys have FAMILY, JOBS, HOUSE, CAR, PETS, etc. and can’t just pack up and leave the country for months at a time.

There are a LOT OF LOGISTICS issues involved in such an escape!

Well, I was a cubicle-dwelling corporate I.T. nerd who made that leap, and I TOOK NOTES.

This ebook goes into great detail describing ways to make one’s life more flexible and mobile so that such travel can be possible. I guess THAT part is fairly applicable to nearly anyone and doesn’t pertain directly to dating.

And that’s really less than HALF the primary value contained in the ebook.

The OTHER HALF is the “meeting women” topic. You may note that throughout my sales page, ebook, and even my promotional banner graphics, I make the bold claim that a man can meet beautiful Ukrainian women WITHOUT THE USE OF DATING SITES OR AGENCIES.

It’s TRUE. And it’s in the ebook.

Free Chapters

As part of my promotion I have made the first three chapters of the ebook (approximately 20% based on word count) available free. You can download it yourself on my pitch page (home page at

I will tell you that in the free PDF I link back to encouraging the reader to purchase the full ebook. I suspect that if you promote this ebook that ClickBank stores a cookie on the reader’s browser so that if he downloads the free ebook then returns to to buy, you will still receive credit for the referral.

If you know differently please let me know how I can make this work so that you get credit for the sale.

Note that on my pitch page I DO NOT request the reader’s email address in exchange for the free ebook, so I’m not trying to poach your audience 🙂


To help affiliates promote my ebook I have provided banners for the most common sizes, 160×600, 336×280, and 728×90. For each size I have provided four various font and background options:

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Email Templates

To make it easier to promote “Live in Ukraine” below I provide several email templates that you may copy/paste/adjust as needed and send to your email lists.

MAKE SURE TO EDIT LINKS. For links you need to put your affiliate link in place of “INSERT-YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK-HERE”.

Initially I will provide two templates. One will address a more general “dating advice” audience which may have only heard of or considered searching internationally, but has never really gotten into it. The other will be directed more at a “foreign dating” niche audience.

Choose whichever best fits your audience and adjust as needed. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make marketing easier for you.

Email 1: For general “dating advice” audiences


Since this it is your list to whom you will send this I assume you know the profile of the people. With that in mind, feel free to adjust this to best communicate with your target audience. I will surround sections that need to be adjusted in [square brackets like this].

Subject: Why learn advanced dating skills when you can just GO TO UKRAINE?

Dear ____:

If you're a single guy [receiving my newsletter/reading my website], you know there are countless ebooks, bloggers, Youtubers, and expensive courses out there with advice on how to meet women, how to pick up women, how to meet online, how to get them to fall for you, etc., etc., etc.

Some of these products are really pretty good and contain at least some information that guys really need to know, especially in a culture where attractive women have all the upper hand. To get on their radar you need to have a little something extra.

But what if there were an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE where the tables were essentially flipped... Where attractive women are so commonplace everywhere that they don't even stand out that much, and where they are consequently not nearly so difficult requiring such elevated "game" concepts?

Well, this place exists! It's called UKRAINE!

You have probably already heard about this idea of seeking women in Eastern Europe, and maybe even tried it and come up empty.

And if you have tried it and come up short, it's probably because there are some seriously massive challenges involved in finding and building a REAL relationship with a woman who lives ~6000 miles away, can't travel to most Western countries, and doesn't speak very good English.

But now there's this guy, Tom Bernard, who has the crazy idea that if you want to find, meet, date, and marry a Ukrainian girl, the best way to do that is to LIVE IN UKRAINE!

His own story is that he was a corporate cubicle-dwelling I.T. nerd who had been to Russia and Ukraine several times and realized that the short amount of time one can spend on these typical 1-2 week long trips once or twice per year just wasn't going to cut it.

So he seriously downsized, leased out his house, stored a few essentials, packed a bag, bought a one-way ticket to Kiev, and hasn't regretted it for a minute!

Obviously such a leap isn't one makes without building up to it, but even then there's A LOT TO IT! What do you do about work? About your house/apartment? About your car? Mail? How can you live there? AND, how can you plug into the culture in such a way that interaction with beautiful women is just a natural part of your everyday life?

Well, Tom - the author - covers every step of this journey so as to take a lot of guesswork out of the equation and start you in the right direction.

You can read more about it at <a href="INSERT-YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK-HERE" target="_blank">Live in Ukraine!</a>. There you can download a free version (the first three chapters of the full ebook) to see if you even want to learn more, or you can order the full ebook.



Email 2: For “foreign/international/Russian dating” audiences

Subject: How to LIVE IN UKRAINE and meet beautiful Ukrainian women without the use of dating sites or agencies!

Dear ____:

Anyone who knows about Ukrainian women and has already embarked on the mission to find a Ukrainian girlfriend or wife has certainly already encountered a few major challenges which would VANISH if you could JUST LIVE THERE.

Kiev is the city with the world's most beautiful women, many of whom are also quite down-to-earth and family minded. What sane single man wouldn't love to "just live there"?

But of course that's just a crazy hypothetical question. OR IS IT?!

Tom Bernard says NO in his new ebook, <a href="INSERT-YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK-HERE" target="_blank">Live in Ukraine!</a>

After years working in corporate I.T. and taking short trips to Ukraine and Russia, Tom decided to take the leap. He downsized, got rid of all the crap he didn't need, stored the rest, sold his car, leased out his house, packed his bags, bought a one-way ticket to Kiev, and never looked back!

Of course as you're reading this you're saying "That's nuts! I could never do that... what would I do about ____, and ____, and ____, and ____, and ____?"

Well, about one third of the ebook tells you how Tom handled those things.

Another third (approximately) addresses how to prepare for life in Kiev and then how to survive in Kiev.

And then, the "secret sauce"... the material you won't read anywhere else... HOW TO MEET WOMEN NATURALLY, WITHOUT THE USE OF DATING SITES, APPS, AGENCIES, or even BARS/CLUBS, but rather in a completely pressure-free context.

Of course if you live there you can continue to use dating sites, apps, and agencies and do MUCH better than if you were doing this from home, but this natural-context thing is really something you need to consider!

This ebook is no risk... first at <a href="INSERT-YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK-HERE" target="_blank">Live in Ukraine!</a> you can download a free version of the ebook. It's the first three chapters - about 20% of the total book. Read that first and if you like it, buy the whole ebook.

Then if you do purchase the ebook it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, contact Tom using the contact form at <a href="INSERT-YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK-HERE" target="_blank">Live in Ukraine!</a>, and you'll get the full refund.