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The best way to meet Ukrainian women is to…



If you’re reading this most likely you’ve previously read or heard that…

  1. Ukraine has the highest concentration of unbelievably beautiful women in the world.
  2. Ukraine has a very family-minded culture with old-fashioned traditional values.
  3. The relative shortage of good, decent, marriage-minded men in Ukraine leaves many of these beautiful women single and eager to find a man with whom to spend their life and have a family.

That’s all true.

But where everything you’ve previously heard falls short is in the “operations department”. HOW – EXACTLY – does one make any use of the fact that Ukraine has all these beautiful single women who have very few options?

They live 5000+ miles away (if you live in North America), many don’t speak great English, most of them can’t travel to the U.S., etc., etc., etc.

Add to that the fact that the “operations department” is 98% run by SCAMMERS and HUCKSTERS whose only goal is to separate you from your money and give nothing in return.

Meeting someone and starting a relationship is usually complicated enough without these seemingly insurmountable barriers!

Conventional Approaches: Ukrainian Women 1.0

EVERY RESOURCE I have ever seen on the subject of finding, meeting, dating, and marrying Ukrainian women – including online videos, ebooks, blogs, vlogs, etc. – cover things like:

  • The best and worst dating sites
  • The best and worst dating agencies
  • The best and worst kinds of tours
  • How to write a good profile
  • The kind of profile pictures that get the click
  • How to recognize the best girls
  • How to communicate with Ukrainian women online
  • Tips on Ukrainian culture
  • The kinds of gifts to give and the kinds to avoid
  • Tips on dating, dining out, etc.
  • Tips on how to dress in Ukraine
  • How to make best use of interpreters
  • ETC., ETC., ETC., ETC.

We might call all this “Ukrainian Women 1.0” or “conventional approaches”. They ALL basically involve some combination of searching online, communicating from a distance, and making short visits to Ukraine.

If you want to read the best of these conventional approaches, I highly recommend which is FREE.

Some of these “conventional approaches” CAN work, and some are better than others, but even when they work they often end up taking more far more time and costing far more money than anyone would commit to if they knew from the beginning.

And THAT is because these approaches all fail to address ONE CRITICAL CHALLENGE…

The real problem with conventional approaches…

There is one MAJOR PROBLEM with every conventional approach: TIME. Limited time off work and limited funds for expensive trips puts serious limitations on the amount of time a guy can spend finding a girl from Ukraine and developing a real relationship with her.

Most guys just can’t make more than one or two week-long international trips per year, and that’s just not enough!

No matter how many things you do right, this is ALWAYS a major factor working against you.

You land in Ukraine. You have 10 days before your departure. EVERY SECOND COUNTS. There is no room for any flexibility or error.

For the first two days you’re catching up on sleep and adjusting to the 8 hour time difference. Then every every cancelled or postponed date, every bad date, every minor illness, every little problem that distracts you from the mission is a tragedy.

This time crunch causes another MAJOR PROBLEM: UNNATURAL CONTEXT.

Whether you start and develop a relationship online and then go visit the one girl, or whether you’re doing something more like an individual tour where you’re there for a week or two meeting many girls through an agency (or through your own online efforts), everything is FORCED, RUSHED, AWKWARD, and ARTIFICIAL.

It CAN work, but for every guy that pulls off a success in less than 2-3 trips there are 30 others who go back again and again for 10+ years.

TIME and COST of Conventional Approaches

CONSEQUENTLY, unless you are among a very rare breed of men who aren’t easily distracted, and who do everything perfectly the first time AND have a LOT of luck on your side, it would be pretty easy for you to end up making 10+ trips over 10+ years, spending $3000-$4000 per trip (transportation, lodging, food, entertainment) before you find “The One”.

This might involve starting out with spending $500-$1000 on “Pay-Per-Letter” sites sending messages before you realized that was a scam.

Then maybe you book a “romance tour” (or “group tour”) for a grand total of another $7000. Hopefully you abandon that approach after only one tour.

Then maybe you’ll try a few smarter approaches. And while smarter approaches give you a better chance than dumber ones, every 10 day visit that doesn’t result in a real and special spark sends you back to square one.

Between group tours, individual tours (where you meet multiple women), and repeated visits back to see only one girl, you rack up five visits before you know it!


Having been in this foreign pursuit for some time I am pretty familiar with the field.

  • I have read the ebooks and blogs on the subject
  • I have watched the Youtubers
  • I know most of the big agencies and sites
  • I know all the approaches and have tried them all
  • I know all about every kind of scam
  • I have made many trips to Ukraine and Russia
  • I was once married to a Russian woman

And in all my exposure to this field there is one approach I have NEVER even heard mentioned: What if you could just LIVE IN UKRAINE for extended periods of time?

It would definitely solve the time problem. And with the time problem solved, the time crunch is off which solves some of the “unnatural context” problem. But it goes MUCH FURTHER than just solving the time problem!

What if you could assimilate into the culture in such a way that beautiful women were a perfectly natural part of your everyday life? What if you didn’t even need to use agencies, dating websites, or dating apps?

It’s actually possible. I know because I HAVE DONE IT.

I was a cube-dwelling corporate I.T. nerd pursuing the foreign option from a distance as described above. Then, long story short, when my last I.T. contract job ended I seriously downsized, leased out my house, packed my bags, and got a ONE-WAY flight to Kiev, Ukraine, and never looked back.

I haven’t regretted it for one minute!

But what about _______?

While in the process of this transition, almost every person I told had a similar response. They all thought it was about the coolest, most gutsy thing they ever heard. But after less than one minute everyone’s reaction inevitably took another direction.

Our culture has deeply ingrained into us the belief that YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT! IT’S AGAINST THE RULES!

They don’t actually SAY “it’s against the rules”. They say, “But wait…”

  • “What will you do with your house?”
  • “What will you do with your car?”
  • “What about your dog/cat?”
  • “Where will you live?”
  • “How will you get money? Will you work there?”
  • “How can you get months off from work without losing your job?”
  • “How can you possibly afford that?”
  • “How can you get around in Kiev? Won’t you need a CAR?”
  • “Do you speak Russian? How will you get by without it?”
  • “What about mail? What if you miss something important?”

In other words, “NO JUMPING FROM BRIDGE” (see picture).

There are answers to all these questions, and I will TELL YOU those answers.

I REALLY wish I knew someone who had made that leap who could have told me everything I needed to know so that I wouldn’t have to learn it the hard way. Luckily for you I have successfully made the break and now I can pass along my escape plans.


So I will tell you how to escape your normal life so that you can do Ukraine without the time crunch, but THAT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING. I mean just being there for longer periods certainly helps to solve the girlfriend/wife problem, but it doesn’t just make it happen magically.

The question of how/where to meet women still remains.

Of course you could just continue to shop online and/or use agencies while living in Kiev. Certainly that would be far better than the long distance approach. Instead of needing to talk for three months, then take a week off from work and spend $4000 to have a week-long first-date with a girl, you just MEET FOR COFFEE!

While being on location helps, the online/agency thing still introduces unnatural elements into the equation. It’s still forced and awkward.

There is a FAR BETTER WAY. In my ebook I will tell you how to assimilate into the culture in such a way that interaction with beautiful single women is a perfectly natural part of your everyday life!

It’s not specifically a dating context, but if you had beautiful single women all around your normal life you should be able to find a way to make some use of that fact! And this natural interaction is ZERO PRESSURE.

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